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31 October 2022
Jurisprudence on Concept of Talaq-e-Tafweez: A Mode of Dissolution of Muslim Marriage
18 November 2021
Female Prisoners and Limitations to Increasing their Representation in Law
13 August 2021
Are My Brothers Terrorists?
13 August 2021
International Law on Infectious Diseases and State Responsibility
13 August 2021
Cooperation on Law Reforms Stressed
13 August 2021
Barrister Nudra B. Majeed presenting the draft of the Punjab Commercial Courts Act 2021
13 August 2021
Sargodha Delegation Visit: Educational Trip
13 July 2021
Meeting with VC GCU About institutionalization of Law School
12 May 2021
The Crisis of Water Shortage and Pollution in Pakistan and Steps Needed to Slow Down the Crisis
26 April 2021
Punjab Commercial Courts Ordinance 2021: A New Frontier
18 April 2021
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
29 March 2021
Strengthening the Rule of Law in Pakistan: New Commercial Courts in Punjab
10 January 2021
Cultural Heritage
25 October 2020
Status of Refugees Law in Pakistan
11 September 2020
Lecture by Barrister Nudra B. Majeed to Judges at Punjab Judicial Academy, Lahore
11 September 2020
Sexual Violence During Armed Conflicts: An Inevitable Reality?
20 May 2016
TDRO Draft 2016 by NBM Law Chambers