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Successful commercial dispute resolution is built on intellectual understanding of laws and imaginative abilities of strategy.

Commercial dispute resolution entails an inter-disciplinary understanding of law, economics, psychology, engineering, international relations, and the ability of discernment in each discipline.

Our small, carefully selected team of skilled practitioners are uniquely placed to handle commercial disputes in a broad spectrum including expert opinions, early neutral evaluations, litigation (original and appellate), domestic and international arbitration (commercial and investor-state) and commercial mediation / conciliation.

The ecology of civil dispute resolution has moved beyond adversarial / inquisitorial to a new era of civil and commercial convivencia.

Nudra B. Majeed

We Utilize Our International Experience With On-Ground Expertise Of Civil Procedure, Local Laws And Legal Customs.

Operating all over the country, we work closely with our individually-nurtured network of civil servants, police, military and private parties which we have built up over years of advisory services to government and law enforcement agencies.